WITHIN THE CAPITAL, A NEW WA delegate is born. After being delegate of the region K and J Alliance, the Green Imperial Republic of Rileyapolis has been elected WA delegate.

            A nation with over 4 billion citizens, Rileyapolis is looking forward to his new term in office. He wishes to create a new regional government.

"I only left K and J Alliance because no one wanted a regional government," he says. "And I did."

            One nation voted for Rileyapolis, no one voted for fellow candidate Shiniscool2.

            "Eh, it's not like I care." Says Shiniscool2. "I can trust him."

            Now enjoying his new comfy spinney chair in the square office of the capital building in Reynolds, he rolls over to grab a book. He flips the pages while thinking deeply of the new government that is about to get formed.

            "Give me some privacy eh?" he orders. "I'm trying to think of the best government possible."

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